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Melissa Michal Slocum Consulting

Mentoring the next generation of BIPOC, Queer, and disabled leaders. Partnering with schools, organizations, and leaders that serve and support BIPOC folks.

Melissa Michal Slocum is an educator, mentor, writer, and a bridge for change. She is of Seneca descent on her mother's side as well as Welsh, English, and German and from what is Seneca and Haudenosaunee territory. She currently resides on Narragansett land. She has worked in various roles pursuing justice including education, housing services, publishing, and writing. Her principles and values derive from her community's Good Mind with peace, equity, relationality, and connection at the heart of her philosophies. Her mixed heritage influences her advocacy for understanding, interconnectedness, and ending systemic oppression.

As the founder of Trusses of Change with 15+ years in education and 10+ years dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, she partners with students as a coach and with schools, communities, and organizations to radically resee potential by choosing equitable environments over the status quo.  She seeks healing intergenerational issues with intergenerational knowledge and connections through an emphasis on education.

Doing this work must become engrained in our very breathing. Interconnectedness begins at foundational levels and needs daily attention. She models her own beliefs in her interactions with others every day. Education and healing others is her calling and life's work because the more in balance that we are, the more we value those around us.

Being an Indigenous female scholar, she brings with her to conversations a perspective from a group that has been harmed by the oppressive systems and so she seeks healing practices in such settings. She works honestly, and will challenge you and/or your institution to uncover deep, systemic issues, while also offering solutions.

Melissa holds degrees from St. John Fisher College, Chatham University, Pennsylvania State University, and Arizona State University. She is a life-long learner with trauma-informed and equity-based approaches. 


Photo of Melissa in a light blue dress, seated with a book case behind her filled with books.

My Approach

Things that are important to my work

A skywalk at Sathon


Our trusses in our bridges, buildings, roofs, sidewalks, or systems are stronger when layered and interconnected. They can then hold a lot of weight. Like the six arrows when laid together that cannot be broken alone, I teach organizations and future leaders how to strengthen connections and communication.

Community Garden

A Whole Community

The key to success is the whole narrative of every space and all of the layers therein. If everyone aligns with and understands diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), then the atmosphere can begin changing. This is a slow process and over time as mindsets become more aware and open to understanding and gaining knowledge about one another, then the entire organization will feel the shift toward justice and equity. And that shift starts with those at the top.



The Two Row Wampum treaty belt is an important theory of relationships in my community shown through a ship and a canoe passing down a river. We add on to our knowledge and we don't try to take over another ship or canoe. Instead, knowledge travels peacefully from one space to another through the river's natural energy.


How I Serve My Clients


Social Justice and Equity--Restoring Cultural Business Practices

Advocating for those most harmed by social inequities and injustices through education and change-making partnerships with organizations, schools, universities, leaders, and communities.

Services include:

Strategic planning

Listening sessions

Equity training

One-on-one coaching

Curriculum development

Teacher preparation

Building relationships with Indigenous communities


Speaking Engagements

Motivation to evolve and grow through high energy public speaking, keynotes, and panel participation.



Strengthening future leaders through one-on-one mentoring with undergraduate and graduate students, centered in restorative educational justice in dialogues, training, and workshops. Specialized in working with  underrepresented folks and those developing into allies and accomplices.

Services Include:

One-on-one coaching

Writing critique

Preparation for graduate school

Preparation for job market

Equity training

Future teacher preparation

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